The Captain's Report

January 1, 2010 Santa Barbara, CA. Vol. 10 No. 1
The Captain's Report, a returning feature of The Captain's Log, is a newsletter bringing the latest news of the Seaview and her crew.

IT'S BACK...again
Well, in a way the Captain's Report is back, but as I stated in the last issue, the time between issues had not been determined. So, maybe back is the wrong word, but instead the Report has a update time of 364 weeks between issues.

Wait a minute... I just felt a disturbance on the internet. It is like a cold wind, no wait... It is becoming clearer now... Yes... I can hear it now. It's all those people crying in agony... NOT AGAIN... NOT THE REPORT! NOT AGAIN?

Maybe it is the nostalgia of the New Year that brings on the desire to get back to the Report, as it must have been on the day in January 2003, but I will try again, with all your help to bring the Captain's Report back.

I'll be bringing back the DVD alerts for shows that have our stars from Voyage in other roles. Also returning will be the poll questions along with all the news that "may or may not" be real...

Your Report
I'm counting on a lot of help in keeping this attempt at the Report going this time. I do remember being sent many emails with short items and recipes for the gally. I look forward to your help and ideas for future issues.

Your suggestions should be made by private email.(off list) and they will be included in next issue of The Captain's Report.

Instead of new predictions, let's take a look at my previous predictions (for 2003) and see how we did. The first was that Voyage would return to SciFi. Well, if I can remember right, I think I was wrong on this one. As for the second that the episodes would be uncut... well wrong on this one too. The third prediction was that the Voyage Series would be available on DVD proved to be correct... as we all wait for the last half of the fourth season. My last prediction was that there would be new stories to appear on the Captain's Log... Yes there were new stories between then and now with the hope of many more. All in all... not bad predictions. Anyway who could have predicted SciFi would now be SyFy?

Located in a secured bank vault deposit box in Santa Barbara was the entire fifth season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Action is being taken to upgrade these to dvd for release to the public. More information on episodes here on the Report as they become available.

DVD/DVR Alerts
Probe 7---Over and Out Friday 1/1/10 on SyFy... Richard Basehart plays a crash-landed space explorer who learns his home planet has been destroyed by nuclear war. Then, outside his ship, he finds a footprint.

Chato's Land Friday 1/8/10 on Reelz (two showings)After killing a white sheriff, embittered Apache Bronson is chased across the West by a posse, led by Palance. A great cast is primarily wasted in this gory, below-average, and overlong film.

My comments on their rating...Richard Basehart is in it... I for one AM watching it on Reelz.

Remember to check local listings to confirm showing times.

I still can not believe that it has been this long. Where does the time go? Even though the Captain's Log still looks pretty much the same, it too has been through some changes. It started on my AOL site for many years till AOL decided to dump all its hosted websites. I then searched for another free (I like free) host site that did not have banner ads. After finding one that worked well, they too sent me an email that they were dropping the free sites. So after trying to locate another site that was workable, I decided to finally buy the domain name and pay for a site. I really have a problem with some banner ads and did not want them on the Log. As a side benefit I have much more room available for use. I hope that my friends and readers and writers will help me fill up the site...

Lost At Sea
As mentioned in the last issue, I did have four stories in the working stages. Well it seems that these works are lost at sea as the delay in finishing them allowed them to be lost in a full computer crash. I have asked for assistance from Sharkey and Kowalski in searching through my many unlabeled cds in the hope that they may have been backed up pre-crash. Wish me luck!

Reporters Wanted
Could use a little help here...

Reporters are being sought for future articles in the Captain's Report. Submissions can be made by private email. Stories can be fact... or pure fantasy... your choice.


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