The Captain's Report

September 30, 2001 Santa Barbara, CA. Vol. 1 No. 3
The Captain's Report, a new feature of The Captain's Log, is a weekly newsletter bringing the latest news of the Seaview and her crew...

Sharkey Found Guilty
In a trial at sea, Chief Sharkey was found guilty of dereliction of duty by Admiral Nelson and fellow crew members... It was proven that the Chief put the entire crew in jeopardy when he… left port "without" a supply of coffee.

Weekly Poll
This weeks scenario... You've been invited aboard the Seaview for a routine cruise. However, things are seldom simply routine on Seaview and the crew is ordered into a dangerous situation. Nelson, concerned for your safety, orders Crane to return you to shore in the flying sub. Your dilemma is that for Crane to be away from the Seaview... it puts the entire crew at risk during his absence. Your choice must be made… do you allow the Captain to leave the Seaview to return you to shore… or do you tell the Admiral that you "will" stay on board with the crew…

Your vote should be made by private email. Results to be included in next weeks Captain's Report.

Global Warming (part 3)
Staff members at the Nelson Institute report that contact has been lost with the Seaview and her crew during the investigation of the area where Nelson located a fissure on the ocean floor. Every effort is being taken to restore comunications with the Seaview. Further information as it becomes available.

DVD!!! DVD!!!
Now available in stores everywhere... the entire series of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is now on DVD. That's right... every chilling mission... every spine tingling episode… totally uncut and complete. You can now see each episode as it was seen during its original run. A special feature on each disc includes the trailers for each episode... as well as outtakes that were thought to be lost.

(OK... you must remember that the Captain's Report contains "fact" and "fantasy," but you must agree... this is a GREAT fantasy... right?)

Additional VCR Alert
Decision Before Dawn Wed. 10/3/01 on American Movie Classics the WWII thriller about a German who spies for the Allies. Richard Basehart, Oskar Werner, Gary Merrill, Hildegarde Neff. Filmed in Europe. Directed by Anatole Litvak.

The Fly Monday 10/1/01 on Cinemax, An experiment in teleportation tragically goes awry in director Kurt Neumann's 1958 sci-fi classic starring Al (David) Hedison.

Check local listings for times. .

Poll Results
Last weeks poll... your choice between four dinner was very close, but it looks like the lucky sailor is... Captain Crane.

  • Nelson 7 votes
  • Crane 9 votes
  • Morton 1 vote
  • Sharkey 0 votes
Looks like Chief Sharkey will be dining alone that night... Sorry, Chief...

All on Sci-Fi Network

  • 10/04 THE DEATH SHIP

Check local listings for times...

Reporters Wanted
Reporters are being sought for future articles in the Captain's Report. Submissions can be made by private email. Stories can be fact... or pure fantasy... your choice. Please keep your articles between 50 to 100 words for consideration.


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