The Captain's Report

November 11, 2001 Santa Barbara, CA. Vol. 1 No. 9
The Captain's Report, a new feature of The Captain's Log, is a weekly newsletter bringing the latest news of the Seaview and her crew...

Feature Story
The Captain's Report is pleased to be able to break this major story involving Captain Lee Crane. It began with a mission that took the crew of the Seaview to Venice... and continued well after the mission. Cmdr. Morton, a close friend of Captain Crane, had persuaded the Captain to try something new. Reluctant, at first, Lee finally agreed to Chip's repeated suggestion... and the result's speak for themselves. The "Report" has aquired a copy of Captain Crane's new CD. For those of you that haven't seen the CD... you can view the CD by clicking here. Our thanks go to Cmdr. Morton for persuading his friend to take that major step...

Security Breach
It has come to my attention that there has been a security leak at the Report. News of this weeks exclusive was leaked to a popular mail group list. I will locate this person... and he will be dealt with... but not too severely ;-)

Weekly Poll
This weeks poll is about the "monsters" that have caused havoc over the years aboard Seaview. Which monster (non-human) was "your" favorite?

Your vote should be made by private email. Results to be included in next weeks Captain's Report.

Global Warming (part 9)
Our last report was that Nelson's cable had snapped as the bell was entering the void. Cmdr. Morton and Chief Sharkey were trying to come up with a rescue attempt. With both the FS1 and the bell missing, and the water temperatures reading in excess of 250 degrees, they were unable to send out search divers.While both men knew that Nelson and Crane would have enough air for a few hours, it was the air cooling that was lost when the power cable snapped and when the flying sub lost power. Something had to be done... and quickly... when Kowalski called them to the observation window. He pointed out a light, glowing brighter near the edge of the void...

Additional VCR Alert
Hitler November 17: 4:00AM , 7:00AM TRUE

Adolf Hitler's niece and his mistress Eva Braun affect his mental picture of Nazi Germany starring Richard Basehart, Cordula Trantow, Maria Emo .

The Great Bank Hoax November 16, 17 & 20, (Check listings for times) MYSTERY

Georgia bank officers stage a $200,000 robbery to cover $100,000 embezzled by a teller. Starring Burgess Meredith, Richard Basehart, Ned Beatty, Charlene Dallas.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (the movie) November 14: 2:00PM , 8:00PM and November 15: 1:30AM AMC

The admiral of an atomic submarine tries to stop the Van Allen radiation belt from cooking Earth. Starring Walter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine, Barbara Eden, Peter Lorre

Poll Results
Last week, you were asked if you had ever taped the audio only of voyage during it's first run in the sixties. Well, turnout was low this week... indicating (to me) that my choice of the poll was not "really" a poll... but more of a question... Final count was...

  • YES
  • 3
  • NO
  • 2

All on Sci-Fi Network

  • 11/16 THE WAX MEN
  • 11/17 DEADLY CLOUD

Check local listings for times...

Reporters Wanted
Could use a little help here...

Reporters are being sought for future articles in the Captain's Report. Submissions can be made by private email. Stories can be fact... or pure fantasy... your choice. Please keep your articles between 50 to 100 words for consideration.


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