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November 25, 2001 Santa Barbara, CA. Vol. 1 No. 11
The Captain's Report, a new feature of The Captain's Log, is a weekly newsletter bringing the latest news of the Seaview and her crew...

The final touches are being put together for a new contest open to members of the Captain's Log E-group. Full details will be posted on the mail-list very shortly.

In an episode that aired a few weeks ago, (can't remember the title, sorry) Captain Crane ordered Chief Sharkey in the missile room to "Fire One!" and the camera shot went to "two" torpedoes running together. Moments later, Crane ordered, "Fire Four" and the camera angle once again showed "two" more torpedoes. Double Barrel torpedo tubes? Or simply another Voyage mystery?

Weekly Poll
Well, Thanksgiving has gone by... and the Holiday Season has begun. So... while there is still time to make all your holiday wishes come true. (and while I'm almost afraid to ask this weeks question..) What, from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, do you want to find under YOUR tree this year? (And remember... Santa knows if you've been good this year...)

Submit your answer by private email. Results to be included in next weeks Captain's Report.

Global Warming (part 11)
Morton arrived at the missile room just as the diving bell with Admiral Nelson was being lowered to the deck. Sharkey was already preparing to open the hatch, not knowing what they would find. On Morton's request, the doctor was standing by the bell as Sharkey opened the hatch. The Doc pushed everyone aside and went to check on the Admiral. Morton and Sharkey were waiting for news. Doc turned back to the two men and gave the thumbs up sign, as they could see Nelson being helped up and taken from the bell. "The cable," Nelson said, "I felt it snap." While Paterson was inspecting the cable, Morton said, "It did snap, Admiral, and we had lost the bell..." "But then, how?" Nelson asked. Shaking his head... Morton replied, "I don't know... there was this light..."

Dear Captain, I am having a problem with my husband. I can't get him to do anything around the house. He just "sits" on the couch... all day. signed, Frustrated in Fresno

Dear Frustrated, A husband that just sits? Hard to believe... but don't worry. Get your list of things you need done as Sharkey is getting "volunteers" to take care of things. Your husband??? We'll take care of him... a few weeks in the brig should help...

Additional VCR Alert
Love Boat Tue 27 8:00 PM TVLand

Lady from Sunshine Gardens/Eye of the Beholder/Bugged, Passengers include a self-pitying blind woman (Leslie Uggams), a gentle farmer (David Hedison), an almost-divorced man (Dick Martin) and a nudist. Crew: Gavin MacLeod, Ted Lange, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes.


Poll Results
Last week, you were asked for your choice of your favorite "human" villain that had caused trouble for our crew of the Seaview. It looked like it was going to be a landslide for the winning choice Capt. Kreuger... as Mr. Pem began to close in.. Final count was...

  • Captain Kreuger
  • 4 votes
  • Mr. Pem
  • 2 votes
  • Blackbeard
  • 1 vote

All on Sci-Fi Network

  • 11/26 CAVE OF THE DEAD
  • 11/30 FATAL CARGO

Check local listings for times...

Reporters Wanted
Could use a little help here...

Reporters are being sought for future articles in the Captain's Report. Submissions can be made by private email. Stories can be fact... or pure fantasy... your choice. Please keep your articles between 50 to 100 words for consideration.


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