The Captain's Report

December 2, 2001 Santa Barbara, CA. Vol. 1 No. 12
The Captain's Report, a new feature of The Captain's Log, is a weekly newsletter bringing the latest news of the Seaview and her crew...

Special Edition
With the number of shows with our Voyage stars in December, this weeks issue has been posted to let everyone get their tapes and vcr's ready. Shows include Richard Basehart, David Hedison and a episode of Rockford Files with Del Monroe. All times are US Eastern time... check your local listings...

Regular features and stories will return next week... enjoy the shows...

VCR Alerts
Kings of the Sun

12/13 11:30AM TCM

It's Yul Brynner vs. George Chakiris as Indian tribes clash in old Mexico. Richard Basehart, Shirley Anne Field, Brad Dexter, Barry Morse. Nice scenery, some fast action. Otherwise, familiar.

Love Boat Chef's Special/Kleinschmidt/New Beginnings

12/14 8:00PM TVLAND

The chef is jealous of a new rival in the kitchen (Leslie Easterbrook); a bumbling detective (Bernie Kopell in a dual role) is assigned to protect a client's jewels. Joan Fontaine, Richard Basehart, Trisha Noble. Julie: Lauren Tewes.

Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War Uneasy Allies

12/15 7:30AM History

Part 8 examines the impact of the huge U.S. military presence on the life style and politics of South Vietnam during 1965-67, and the growing distrust between the Americans and the South Vietnamese. Richard Basehart is the narrator.

A-Team Mind Games

12/7 2:00PM TVLAND

The Team's leery when Face suddenly receives a Government pardon, and when Face sets out on his own, it's all the Team can do to keep an eye on him. Fowler: Shelagh McLeod. Vaughn: David Hedison. Hannibal: George Peppard.

Additional VCR Alert
Being There

  • 12/2 2:50 AM 5STMAX
  • 12/5 6:30 AM MAX
  • 12/5 9:30 AM MAX
  • 12/11 12:45 AM 5STMAX
  • 12/13 12:30 AM 5STMAX
  • 12/16 6:35PM 5STMAX

    This 1979 satire was Peter Sellers' swan song. His character, Chance, a gardener in his early 50s, is a man of limited horizons: he's totally illiterate, obsessed with television (and oblivious to just about everything else) and, as the film opens, has never set foot outside the grounds of the Washington, D.C., townhouse where he was born and works. Yet when his employer dies and Chance is forced out into the world, he almost instantly becomes---by pure chance---the confidant of a powerful financier, an “adviser” to prominent politicians, and even a potential Presidential contender himself. Eve: Shirley MacLaine. Rand: Melvyn Douglas (Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor). President Bobby: Jack Warden. Dr. Allenby: Richard Dysart. Scrapinov: Richard Basehart.

    The Great Bank Hoax

    12/5 6:00AM Encore

    Cheating-cheaters heist yarn targeted on a small-town Georgia bank. Richard Basehartd Beatty, Burgess Meredith, Charlene Dallas. Reverend: Michael Murphy. Richard: Paul Sand. Patricia: Constance Forslund. Major: Arthur Godfrey. Cast: Charlene Dallas, Richard Basehart, Ned Beatty, Burgess Meredith

    Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War Days of Decision

    12/8 7:30AM History

    Part 6 examines President Johnson's decision to escalate American involvement in Vietnam. Included: interviews with U.S. and Vietnamese officials. Richard Basehart narrates.

Weekly Poll
Good news... at a request from Santa... and his helpers... last weeks poll remains open this week... So it's not too late to get your choice in... What, from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, do you want to find under YOUR tree this year? (And remember... Santa knows if you've been good this year...)

Submit your answer by private email. Results to be included in next weeks Captain's Report.

Poll Results
Last week, you were asked for what "Voyage" item you want to find under your tree... well, it seems that votes are still being tabulated and as noted above, the polls are going to stay open for another week. I want to be sure to include ALL votes including the hanging chads and dimpled chads. Determination of voter's intent will have to be done on the overvotes...

  • TO BE
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All on Sci-Fi Network

  • 12/3 Time Lock
  • 12/4 Rescue
  • 12/5 Terror
  • 12/6 A Time to Die
  • 12/7 Blow Up

Check local listings for times...

Del Monroe Alert

Rockford Files Where's Houston?

12/6 10:00AM TNN

Rocky's crony hires Rockford to find his granddaughter. Houston: Lane Bradbury. Charlie: Del Monroe. Preli: Dabbs Greer. Rocky: Noah Beery. Rockford: James Garner.

Reporters Wanted
Could use a little help here...

Reporters are being sought for future articles in the Captain's Report. Submissions can be made by private email. Stories can be fact... or pure fantasy... your choice. Please keep your articles between 50 to 100 words for consideration.


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