Deadly Mission

by George Miller

Captain Crane sat nervously in the large padded chair. He was checking his watch again. He had just checked it two minutes ago. His heartbeat was increased and he was feeling queasy about this assignment from Admiral Nelson. He was thinking about all the really dangerous situations he had been in all his years aboard the Seaview. He had been taken over my a mummy, been turned into a werewolf and had had his body taken by an old long dead German. He had battled monsters of all descriptions from shadowmen to dinosaurs thought to be extinct for millions of years. These were always handled by Lee’s quick thinking and lack of fear. There was nothing he could not deal with, until now....

Lee, once again was looking at his watch. Only three more minutes have passed. Will this ever be over? He had grown to have a great respect for the Admiral. But, as he was sitting here he was beginning to have doubts. He had thought that Nelson thought better of him also. The fact that Kowalski and Patterson were assigned the duty of guarding the only exit from the room with orders to prevent Lee from leaving before this assignment was complete was more than Lee could understand. Sitting here he was becoming more and more angry with Nelson. He decided, he would tell Nelson how he felt about this assignment, if he ever got the chance, when it was over.

What time is it now, he had to look, damn, not even four minutes later. This waiting was tearing him up. He had to take action, but remembered Kowalski and Patterson guarding the door. His anger was increasing along with his pulse and blood pressure. His anger was spreading now to his old “friend” Chip Morton. Chip could have found a way to get Lee out of this, but no... all of a sudden he’s siding with the Admiral.

Was there no one left that he could count on? Was there no one that would lift a finger to prevent this? No, he had no one. No one cared about his problem. He would have to face this all alone. He vowed though to remember this. Just wait until some new and hideous monster was on the Seaview and they needed his help.... Then they will know it’s like to face things alone.

Lee turned to the clock on the wall. The minutes were passing so slowly. He was sure that Mr. Pemm was controlling time again. His stress level was rising with every tick of the clock. Every slow tick of the clock. He was beginning to hear the ticking of the clock pounding in his ears, or was it the pounding of his own heart? Louder - Louder - Louder. Someone, make it stop....

Lee would have rather been anywhere at this moment. Taking the mini sub through a mine field on maybe even taking the flying sub into the depths of an active volcano. Anything, anything at all. Even another trip to Venus would be better. But no, he was here waiting, watching with no way out.

He just couldn’t sit any longer. He began pacing the floor. He had no where to go, but he could no longer remain still. Checking his watch again, only a scant few minutes have passed. How was he going to get through this? Would he even see tomorrow? He was nearing his breaking point, when behind him he heard a voice. . .

“Captain Crane? Captain Lee Crane?

Lee spun around quickly. He couldn’t believe it. What was there left to think? What was left to do???? Lee screamed back at the voice, “Oh my God, this is it. No. . .”

“The dentist will see you now. . ."



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