Getting Under Way

Getting Under Way

By Stephanie Kellerman



Frank O'Brien had nearly completed his first year of duty with Seaview when he was given the golden opportunity to display his ability at getting the great submarine under way. With a stream of rapid, explicit commands, he had the decks buzzing with men and soon, Seaview was streaming out of the underground channel and had left port.

The young officer's ability and efficiency has been remarkable. In fact, the decks were ablaze with talk that he had possibly set a new record for getting Seaview under way, even beating the skipper. Nelson, patted the young officer on the shoulder with approval while O'Brien beamed at the crew in the control room at his accomplishment and was not all surprised when Sparks approached him with a message from the captain. Realizing it was a radio message, Harry looked over Frank's shoulder and laughed as he read it. O'Brien grinned sheepishly at the admiral.


The note read.


I want to congratulate you on the speed and efficiency in which you prepared Seaview for departure with such amazing speed. However, you forgot one very important unwritten rule "Make sure the captain is aboard before you get under way."


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