By George Miller

Admiral Nelson was at his desk in his office at the Nelson Institute, working late into the night. He was going over the details of the last mission. He simply had to get these reports off to the Pentagon in Washington. He truly despised dealing with those men from the war department. He felt they were very short sighted. Everything they thought and everything they did involved armed conflict.

Nelson always looked forward to his missions to investigate a new life form or a new technique in working for the betterment of mankind. But, the military missions, and these damn reports were really useless in his mind. Since the Seaview was able to be called to duty, he knew he would have to continue.

It was then that he received the call. His secretary could only hear one side of the conversation. She soon realized this was not good information.

“Nelson, Here. . .”

“Yes, this is Admiral Nelson. . .”

“What? You’re not serious. . .”

“Do you have confirmation on this?”

“You are sure?”

“Yes, yes, I’ll be right there. But I assure you, someone’s going to pay for this, and pay dearly. . .”

The admiral slammed the phone down, got up from his desk and barked one quick order to his secretary, “Get in contact with Lee, ASAP. Tell him to report to the Seaview dock.”

“Sir, what’s the problem?”

He looked back at her agitated. “Not now! Just get Crane!”

The Admiral stormed out of the institute and took his car on the short ride to the Seaview’s dock. This was not a good night for him and now it was getting worse. He didn’t even wait for his driver. There was no time. Lee, he thought, had better have some good answers ready about this situation.

He arrived at the secret docking location for the Seaview. He was met by his security guards. “What’s going on here?” he demanded.

“I don’t know, sir. It’s just gone”

“How is that possible? I want answers, now!!”

“We’re looking into it now. We just don’t know.”

“Has Lee Crane arrived yet?”

“No, Sir.”

“Have him report to me the minute he arrives!”

Nelson went down to the dock, in disbelief. Lee arrived just a few minutes later.

“Lee, do you have any idea what’s going on here?”

Lee, looking confused, “My god. . . Where’s the Seaview?”

“That’s the problem, it seems to be missing, and I want answers! Now!”

Just then Nelson was handed a report stating that a submarine was approaching the docking area. It appeared to be the Seaview. Yes, it was the Seaview.

The Seaview was slowly pulling into its berth. The submarine came to a stop and the forward hatch opened. Nelson and Crane could see a man coming out. In the darkness, it was not possible to make any identification, but the man was not alone.

As the two people came closer, they saw their welcoming committee and were a little fearful. And with just cause. . .

The Captain held the Admiral back as he said, “Riley, you’re out of here!

You were told, you cannot borrow the Seaview for one of your dates!!!!”

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